Alaska Constitution Party Runs Candidate for Governor 2014

Alicé Leuchte | October 2, 2013

A new political party is organizing in Alaska, and they now have a candidate for Governor in 2014.  In a press release issued October 1, the founder and Chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party, J.R. Myers, announced he has filed his letter of intent with the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC), and goes on to say:

My campaign will be based on the principles embodied in the Alaska Constitution and its’ Preamble. Accordingly, I will acknowledge our Creator in the public forum, and uphold the social compact of our Constitution which forms the essential foundation of our government.

Alaskans can no longer tolerate the familiar corruption and disregard for the rule of law destroying our government from within and robbing our future generations of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The people of Alaska are looking for a real alternative to business as usual in Juneau. Alaska needs genuine leaders with a sustainable vision of hope. I intend to provide them that choice by working together in good faith to Honor Our Heritage and Pioneer Our Future!

Prior to starting the Constitution Party in the state, he served as Vice Chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party and on local government boards in both the Kenai Peninsula and Haines. Professionally, Myers is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and recently elected President of the Alaska Counseling Association.

Myers seems to be taking a different approach to politics in his first campaign ad.  Instead of talking policy, making campaign promises or attacking an opponent, he instead chose to pay homage to the Great State of Alaska by singing the seldom-heard Alaska Flag Song.

The Playing Field

Alaska has an unusual political playing field (compared to many other states), with four recognized political parties, and three political groups which seek the same status.  Among them is the Alaska Constitution Party – and Myers’ run for Governor may put them on the map.

According to the Alaska Division of Elections, the largest recognized political party is the Alaska Republican Party with 134,012 registrants, with the Alaska Democratic Party (70,258) lagging behind them by 63,754 registrants as of 9/3/2013.  The Alaskan Independence Party has 15,433 registrants, and the still growing Alaska Libertarian party now has 7,380.

There are three political groups striving to become recognized parties by the state: The Alaska Constitution Party (131), the Green Party of Alaska (1,828), and the Veterans Party of Alaska (1,120).  These ‘political groups’ have a total of 3,079 registrants combined.

What makes it truly interesting is that the Undeclared (178,425) & Non-Partisan (82,204) registrants outnumber those affiliated with any political party or group combined by a whopping 30,467 voters.

The Candidates (So Far)

The candidates for Governor who have registered or filed a letter of intent with APOC are listed below.  A sincere effort was made to find and link to each candidate’s official website or profile:

Republican: Sean Parnell (Incumbent), Jerry Heikes
Democratic: Hollis French, Byron Mallott, Phil Stoddard
Constitution Party: J.R. Myers
Independent Candidates: Bill Walker, Christopher Jamison, Jacob Kern

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