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NC… 1776 Since 1775.

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The 2017 RLC-NC Convention is this Saturday, September 16 at 4PM… followed by our first annual Constitution Day Dinner.  Tickets for dinner are $30 and available at


Alicé Leuchte for RLC-NC Chairman


In related news, I have decided to run for Chairman of the RLC-NC and look forward to serving members and the board in this new capacity.  We have a lot of young liberty-lovers who are raring to go, and it’s time to take the RLC-NC to the next level.

Below a short list of relevant experience (more here).  I appreciate your support!

North Carolina

Secretary – North Carolina Republican Liberty Caucus (2016-Present)
Secretary – Wake County Chapter RLC (2016-17)
Vice Chairman (Public Information) – Lee County Republican Party (2017-Present)


Communications Director, Consultant – Anchorage Republican Women’s Club (2013-Present)
Vice Chairman – Alaska Republican Liberty Caucus (2013-14)
Secretary – Alaska Republican Party (2012-13)
State Coordinator – Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 (2011-12)


Secretary – Young Republican Federation of Virginia (2005)
Secretary – Third District Republican Party (2003-05)
Co-Founder, Secretary & Bylaws Chairman – Greater Richmond Young Republicans (2003-05)

Restore the Republic.

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ARWC ❤ Eric Golub

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Election Night @ Lee GOP

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How Lee County Republicans roll…


Goode for Alaska

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Well, they messed with the PFD under the Walker regime.  Pam Goode warned Alaskans in 2014.


Pump Out the Vote

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Get ready to pump out the vote in November.

Visualize Justice.

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If you have been paying attention to the news concerning Hillary Clinton, this image needs no explanation. Republicans and Democrats alike see the double standard when it comes to the application of law.  Hillary for Prison 2016.


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❤ Kitty

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Are You Ready? We Are.

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The time has come.

After being a little distracted the past few years, we are now ready to focus on what we love most… Creating mischief.

Happy mischief, straight from Meow Street 😉

SAPC Sanford

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For those of you wondering what else I have been up to… I am pleased to say that for the last year, I have been helping my childhood Church step up their game online.  St. Andrews Presbyterian Church’s site is coming along nicely.

Please check it out (, and like them on Facebook:

Is Your Senator…

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I love unique and edgy ideas… and this joint fundraiser from ARP Districts 25 & 28 was brilliant.


Best B-Day Present Ever.

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Yes. A cigarette vending machine.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mark got it for my birthday last year… and we have finally got it up and running, including all-new graphics.

I suppose a little explaining is necessary.

The “Crackhouse” is an old tobacco barn (a packhouse) that has been exquisitely upgraded into a man cave.  My brother-in-law took this up after he and my sister bought the great-grandparents’ place a number of years ago, and it has turned into an awesome joint.  We spend a lot of time in there, so I decided to install the best birthday present a girl could ever get there – in the Crackhouse.

Rock on, Crackhouse Buddha.

On top, it is crowned with a sitting Buddha complete with a beer, cigarette and hookah.  And he had an eye problem, so we gave him an eye patch.

2015-06-06 17.40.51
2015-06-06 17.41.39
2015-06-06 17.43.49
2015-06-06 17.43.42
2015-06-06 17.43.57
2015-06-06 17.41.57
2015-06-06 17.44.05
[Not an advertisement for tobacco products or services.  Designed for private, non-commercial use.  Product brands & trademarks are the property of their respective owners.]

Come & Take It

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The run off election is coming up May 5th, and things are heating up between Amy Demboski & Ethan Berkowitz up in Anchorage, Alaska.

I really like this image:

20150423SM2-GUNS-DRAFT1-NoAPOC(Paid for by Friends of Amy Demboski, PO Box 672114, Chugiak, AK 99567)

It is a strong illustration of a candidate who carries and is not afraid to confront a situation.  Case in point… some misogynist was running around Anchorage defacing her signs (which is a felony):


Amy caught him in the act herself… and confronted him.  Everything was caught on video too.  I was quite impressed with her, and quite pissed at this guy’s gall.

(This made me excited to help her campaign. Go, Amy!)

It’s time Anchorage had her first female Mayor.

Support Amy, and donate online here.

Killer Peanut?

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Due to my brother-in-law’s close call with death (presumably) from a sudden onset of a peanut allergy, I created this design to use as a label in my cigarette vending machine:


Oh yeah: My husband gave me a vintage cigarette vending machine for my birthday last year.  Wicked.

CPAC 2015

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WAAR Media Group ventured to CPAC 2015 and, like last year, got all ninja… making it totally appropriate to have the ninja taking over the Gaylord Hotel.

teamninjabg-cpac2015(click the image to see it in it’s full glory)

Congratulations to Wayne Dupree in taking the ACU Blogger of the Year Award!


This was an awesome follow up to last year…


Keep it coming, Mr. News Ninja ❤



Celebrate the Season @ WAARadio

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Check out WAARadio, the #1 political talk radio station on Live365… and get your Christmas music fix too.  Happy holidays!

We Got This.

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Many are dedicated to defending our country because of their children and grandchildren. My grandfather joined the Navy during World War II at a ripe young age out of duty to country, and for the protection of his future children… and grandchildren (me!).

Unfortunately, my husband and I don’t have children, so what motivates me most is honoring the sacrifices of those before me – like my grandfather.

My family (on all sides) has been here since before the birth of our nation, with one ancestor believed to be a surviving member of the first (albeit unsuccessful) British Colony in North Carolina – the ‘Lost Colony.’

From Founding Fathers and past Presidents, to Confederate officers and US Veterans (and even an infamous outlaw), I have the American tradition in my blood. And honoring the sacrifices my family has made to the most inspirational nation the world has seen is what truly motivates me. I feel a profound sense of responsibility to those like my grandfather, who believed in this country and fought to keep it free.

As the greater generations pass away, it is up to the younger ones to fill their place and ensure their efforts were not in vain. I am committed, and I am proud to see so many step up with me across the nation. We have big shoes to fill, but because of the amazing examples of leadership we have had from those before us… ‘we got this.’

In Memory of Samuel Lynn Jones, 1926-2014


Display-25x5Flag Display Case Graphics: Using pictures Papa took during service.

Don’t Vote for an Ass

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Read more truth about Jim Colver.

Vote Goode. Pam Goode.

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I have decided to publicly support Pam Goode in her run for Alaska State House over the Republican candidate, Jim Colver.  Here is my endorsement:

Pam was a life-long, card-carrying Republican before registering with the Alaska Constitution Party, and was an ARP National Delegate in 2012. I support Pam Goode in her run for Alaska State House because I know she stands for the values expressed in our Republican platform. To me, the choice is clear. If I were in District 9, I would vote for Goode.

Also check out my spot (and a ton of other awesome ads on YouTube, produced by yours truly):