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LCBOE Update: Policy Violations | Lee GOP

LCBOE Update: Policy Violations | Lee GOP

LCBOE Update: Policy Violations

The September 12, 2017 meeting of the Lee County Board of Education proved to be a tough night.  Evidently, the LCBOE has been violating their own policies.  Habitually.  Sandra Bowen (Policy Chair) and Sherry-Lynn Womack bring multiple issues to the attention of the board, including ethics review and the stealth renewal of the Superintendent‘s contract.

According to Bowen, the North Carolina School Board Association agrees.  The LCBOE under Akinosho is not acting in accordance to transparent government, are not following their own policies, and really don’t care about the ethics they are suppose to embody (this stretches back before Akinosho, btw).  No wonder Lee County habitually ranks so poorly against other counties in the state.

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LCBOE Policy ManualAgendas and MinutesOriginal Video

Tell School Board members what you think about the following…

“Each July, the Board meeting’s agenda shall include a thorough review of this policy and each Member, including all newly elected or re-elected board members, will sign a code of ethics Statement that includes the provisions of this policy.”

The policy has not been on the July Agenda since 2012.

Minutes clearly state REVIEW of Superintendent’s Contract Extension approved on 7/11/2017 however a MOTION is already prepared and being brought forward AGAIN with NO discussion.

Members of the Board were not informed that the Superintendent’s contract renewal would be considered at a prior meeting.

“The policy states that ALL Board Members have to have the opportunity to look at the contract. And, THAT didn’t happen.”

Sandra Bowen is the Policy Chair, and according to the School Board Association, Bowen is not wrong in her determination.

“What happened does not fall in line with open government…”

“As a professional board I think we have an obligation to set policy and follow policy, if we can suspend people for violating or school board policy then by golly we as a school board should be following them ourselves!”

“By policy… the amended [Superintendent’s] contract was suppose to be handed to us in a duly timely manner.”

“When a teacher or parent… asks a question, it is our responsibility as a board to be able to answer that.

“Did we discuss this? NO. Did we make any type of qualifications or any performance measures for our Superintendent? NO. Do we hold teachers accountable. It’s YES.”

“We should have been able to go over [the contract] before we approve it…. The most important job our board has is to hire a Superintendent and enforce policy.”

“I believe, indeed, the policy was violated.”

According to NCSBA, the only way to undo the contract without negative action is for the Superintendent to do the right thing.

Fat chance.

Citizens of Lee County…

What type of government do you want? Stop voting for the same characters, and vote for candidates who will commit to (and follow-through with) open government!

Please, tell School Board members what you think.

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