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Year: 2015

God In Politics

Through blindness and emotion, we have placed our faith in the hands of tyrants and political unions, accepted the mass murder of the innocent, and gleefully move to silence those who dare speak their conscience… [when] the expression of individual conscience is required in order to save our country.

Lay aside the misplaced loyalties of Man, abandon the hatred sown by propaganda, and return to the foundation of our free society: Faith in Truth, individual freedom, expression of conscience, and the Grace of our Almighty God.

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Come & Take It

It is a strong illustration of a candidate who carries and is not afraid to confront a situation. Case in point… some misogynist was running around Anchorage defacing her signs (which is a felony). Amy caught him in the act herself… and confronted him. Everything was caught on video too. I was quite impressed with her, and quite pissed at this guy’s gall.

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