The reality and influence of the Almighty is undeniable. Regardless of what you call Him, there is no argument that will invalidate the effects the Higher Power has on earth. He is that which influences every facet of our life – including politics.


The development of our system of government was inspired by God’s Laws, and the sustainability of justice on earth is dependent upon our recognition of God’s place in our society. Many have come to believe that our political process has evolved beyond ethical and moral guidance, and that man stands on his own – when we in fact stand upon the shoulders of others with our foundation being God.

In an effort to guarantee our natural, God-given rights, and protect individual conscience, our Founders established self-government apart from a single system of religious denomination to help stave off man’s lust for tyranny, and provide a safeguard against the corruption of the faithful.

Today, man arrogantly elaborates ‘separation of church and state’ to justify the removal of the Almighty – the inspiration of individual conscience – and make all men subservient to the sole judgement of Man via the State.

This new Religion of the State seeks to enslave the faithful, and divides us so we will help in our own destruction. Through blindness and emotion, we have placed our faith in the hands of tyrants and political unions, accepted the mass murder of the innocent, and gleefully move to silence those who dare speak their conscience in opposition to these sins.

God has a place in politics. He is the basis of life, and bound within the heart and soul of mankind in order to guide us in judging our own morality. Without the outward expression of the Almighty’s voice from within, we are bound to the errors of arrogance, and subject to our own tyrannical fictions.

Today, we are jailed by our own vanity through labels, ruled over by the corrupt idols of our own creation, and sowing the very plagues that will end our future.

The restoration of the Almighty through the expression of individual conscience is required in order to save our country. Lay aside the misplaced loyalties of Man, abandon the hatred sown by propaganda, and return to the foundation of our free society: Faith in Truth, individual freedom, expression of conscience, and the Grace of our Almighty God.


Collaboratively written by Alicé Leuchte & Barry Reagan Reynolds.

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Source: God In Politics