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Civility & War

We are obviously in a state of war in America…. What are ‘We the People’ doing about it? [We] are awake to the fraud in the media and in our government, and Americans have already decided the course we are going to take – peaceful co-existence as a country, as states, and as coherent communities. Never let your enemy choose the battlefield. Hold the line.

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God In Politics

Through blindness and emotion, we have placed our faith in the hands of tyrants and political unions, accepted the mass murder of the innocent, and gleefully move to silence those who dare speak their conscience… [when] the expression of individual conscience is required in order to save our country.

Lay aside the misplaced loyalties of Man, abandon the hatred sown by propaganda, and return to the foundation of our free society: Faith in Truth, individual freedom, expression of conscience, and the Grace of our Almighty God.

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We Got This.

As the greater generations pass away, it is up to the younger ones to fill their place and ensure their efforts were not in vain. I am committed, and I am proud to see so many step up with me across the nation. We have big shoes to fill, but because of the amazing examples of leadership we have had from those before us… ‘we got this.’

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Poppy Fields over Civil Rights?

The US went into Afghanistan to remove the Taliban in order to prevent the country from fostering terrorists, and to restore freedom to the people there. And the situation for women still doesn’t seem to be much better…. If ‘freeing’ the Afghan people was part of our goal, then why are there women committing self-immolation in protest of their lack of civil rights? What was our personnel and tax money used for if we didn’t meet this goal?

Besides guarding poppy fields and harnessing another country under fractional reserve banking – what have we been doing over there the past 12 years?

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A Side of Putin: American Exceptionalism

Despite the perceived stab at America’s self-esteem or Putin’s track record, many are beginning to see Putin as a figure of peace and the rising leader of the “free world.” Someone even started a petition on the White House website advocating Obama give his Peace Prize to Putin…. It looks like we now have a “Side of Putin” to go along with our “Obama Drama.”

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