No Means No

Alicé Leuchte | September 18, 2013
[Drama Weekly, Issue 1]

The word “no” is a basic, universal word understood by most people on the planet. It is also contained in the vocabulary of the two most prevalent languages found in the United States – namely, English & Spanish.

Yet, the meaning of this word seems to be alluding some of the top brass in our federal government. Let me help our public servants by clarifying what “no” means in relation to US involvement in Syria:

No Military Participation
Americans do not support an overt war in Syria, or “kinetic military action.” Our military men & women do not want to fight beside Al Qaeda or support Al Qaeda through air strikes.

No Covert Support or Material Aid
Americans do not want to secretly help Al Qaeda through the CIA or allied forces (like Saudi Arabia), or through the hush-hush transmission of materials. This includes sharing intelligence and supplying the rebels with vehicles and arms.

No Financial Support
Americans do not want any US funds (like tax money) to go towards helping Al Qaeda in Syria. This includes “humanitarian” aid and the funding of personnel in the area (like the $150 salary being paid to select rebels in Syria).

No Means No, Mr. President.
Americans, including our military men and women, are vastly and vehemently opposed to supporting Al Qaeda through any means. No means no!

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