The political process is the mechanism we use to avoid violent solutions to civil problems. It is what makes a civilized society, and it takes a civilized citizenry to maintain such a process.

The atmosphere for war is made possible when the political process no longer serves the citizens (i.e. civil rights are subverted), and/or when the citizenry itself becomes so irrational they can’t even manage to settle conflicts with their neighbor – much less public issues within a community.

So, let’s be honest here. We are obviously in a state of war in America when a neighbor foregoes using words when they perceive a conflict. This ‘civil war’ has been engineered by a corrupt gang of criminals over generations. They hijacked our government, our financial system, our educational system and our media. They have used these against the citizenry to create this violent atmosphere.

What are ‘We the People’ doing about it? Well, those of us who haven’t lost our minds, abandoned our principles and changed our perspective to suit this cabal have been working diligently right the ship.

Thankfully, the vast majority of Americans are civilized folk who understand what is right with America and support such efforts. They are awake to the fraud in the media and in our government, and have been identifying areas they can help correct. This is what self-government is about, and I am proud (and relieved) to see so many people not falling for the insanity being promoted in the media.

For example, ANTIFA. The media would have you believe that ANTIFA is a legitimate organization that organically grew in the US in response to the 2016 election. In reality, ANTIFA is a failed, multi-generational brand for paid provocateurs – a violent tool of desperation for tyrants who have lost their empires. And ANTIFA has been resurrected (again) to discourage citizens from enjoying their victory over tyranny.

[Yes, we have already won against the cabal and they don’t want you to realize this. Any military general would tell you that whomever the populace supports will be the victors – without exception – and Americans have already decided the course we are going to take. We are committed to self-government and the protection of individual civil rights (which are inherent and God-given), with liberty and justice for all.]

So, yes, we are at war, but not with each other. We are at war with a gang of criminals who will go to every length to lead us astray and keep us from handling our own affairs peacefully. Ultimately, to destroy our way of life – as individuals and collectively as a society.

There are victories and setbacks in time of war. Senator Rand Paul’s situation is an obvious setback, but it is also another sign of our undeniable victory. How Americans respond to such setbacks will determine whether we maintain that victory.

We must keep our eye on the prize – the peaceful co-existence as a country, as states, and as coherent communities. In order to do that, we must continue to deal with one another equitably, continue to work within our communities in a way that supports self-government, and handle such setbacks using the principles we hold dear.

Christians call this ‘turning the other cheek’ which is not a call to tolerate abuse, but a reminder to not fall to the level of the abuser. In military terms… Never let your enemy choose the battlefield.

If Americans sink to the level of ANTIFA (or to the pettiness of neighbors who are still entranced by the culture of the corrupt), we will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Hold the line.