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Lee GOP & Free Speech | Lee GOP

Lee GOP & Free Speech | Lee GOP

The following is in response to Billy Liggett’s request for comment on 10/6/2017 via Facebook message.

[Published by The Rant on 10/6/2017.]


My name is Alicé Leuchte, and I am the Vice Chairman for Public Information for the Lee County Republican Party (Lee GOP).  I appreciate your commitment to publishing my comments in full.

The Lee GOP believes firmly in the First Amendment, and has committed to help members learn more about social media and online publishing.  To facilitate this mission, I have begun inviting contributors (beyond just party officers) to post content on our website and social media.

The Facebook post referenced in your recent blog entry was published to our page by a contributor in error and was removed.  While this post may not have been appropriate for the Lee GOP Facebook page, we encourage citizens to use their inherent right to free speech and glad to see discussion has migrated to more appropriate venues.

Thank you for highlighting our contributor’s passionate post – and for reaching out for comment from the Lee GOP.  Lee County is an under-served media market, and the values of our residents are poorly represented.  Feel free to reach again in the future, if you wish to provide the public a fuller perspective.



Alicé Leuchte
Vice Chairman, Public Information
Lee County Republican Party (Lee GOP)
Direct: (910) 742-0467 |

Source: Lee GOP & Free Speech | Lee GOP

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Former Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina, and former Secretary of the Alaska Republican Party. Alicé consults for liberty efforts, with a focus on communications, process integrity & diversity. She challenges her fellow citizens to become part of the dialogue.

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