We are all very focused on the potential health aspects of #Pocalypse2020 already, so I’m going to leave that part alone for a minute, and shine a little light (and humor) on other aspects of our situation over the next few days.

Hope you chuckle, reminisce, and add a little sense of adventure to what we’re all going through…


That’s what this developing situation kinda reminds me of – old time Southern snow days. It’s like Greg Fishel (a famous NC weatherman) just forecast lots and lots… and lots of snow.

Growing up in NC, snow was a big deal. We didn’t have all the road magic to clear the roads. So, snow and ice interrupted every aspect of our lives – supply chain, school, work. And we looked forward to it!

Everyone hoped and prayed for a few snow days. It meant staying home… sledding and snow forts and snowmen… getting cozy, making french toast* and cookies (that’s what we are really doing, not ‘milk sandwiches’, lol).

Being with your family, and having fun. Appreciating the life you have and giving thanks for the real abundance around you.

It reminded you of what you love, why you do what you do, and it also gave you a chance to evaluate where you are. To catch up on things everyday life pushed aside, and identify some of the things you forgot to do. Which also meant some things didn’t always work or go smoothly.

It made you get creative.

How you approached the unexpected inconveniences and challenges was usually in good spirits, as it was not only a temporary circumstance (‘this too shall pass’), but it was an opportunity to engage in learning new skills, and engaging your kids in that educational process. It was fun!


So, let’s think about the current situation like a big snow day, and see where we are in our lives, what we truly love and appreciate, and how to better reconnect with these elements on a daily basis going forward.

How do we really achieve the life we want? As individuals, as families, communities – as a nation.

So, get ready for some milk sandwiches*, family time, and creative thinking.

Help one another, and be willing to learn and teach – and include the youngsters (‘youngins’) in the whole process as they have things to contribute too (like techie stuff).

Let’s make it fun! ❤️🙏🇺🇸


Buy extra of all the stuff you like to eat, but usually don’t have time for… like all the yummy breakfast foods you don’t get to fix during normal weekdays.

For me (and all the munchkins in the family), it was french toast.

Looks like a lot of snow! So, don’t forget to stock up on some of the longer-term options… like canned salmon and spam.

Everyone turns Alaskan when it snows hard, making salmon patties/cakes and frying up some spam. #LoveLeeNC 😘