Many are dedicated to defending our country because of their children and grandchildren. My grandfather joined the Navy during World War II at a ripe young age out of duty to country, and for the protection of his future children… and grandchildren (me!).

Unfortunately, I don’t have children, so what motivates me most is honoring the sacrifices of those before me – like my grandfather.

My family (on all sides) has been here since before the birth of our nation, with one ancestor believed to be a surviving member of the first (albeit unsuccessful) British Colony in North Carolina – the ‘Lost Colony.’

From Founding Fathers and past Presidents, to Confederate officers and US Veterans (and even an infamous outlaw), I have the American tradition in my blood. And honoring the sacrifices my family has made to the most inspirational nation the world has seen is what truly motivates me. I feel a profound sense of responsibility to those like my grandfather, who believed in this country and fought to keep it free.

As the greater generations pass away, it is up to the younger ones to fill their place and ensure their efforts were not in vain. I am committed, and I am proud to see so many step up with me across the nation. We have big shoes to fill, but because of the amazing examples of leadership we have had from those before us… ‘we got this.’

In Memory of Samuel Lynn Jones, 1926-2014

Flag Display Case Graphics: Using pictures Papa took during service.