This surgeon’s testimony was regarding his forced participation in 1995. Fatal organ-harvesting from live donors of persecuted populations within China has been going on for decades.

It’s an industry, allowed by the corrupt political culture.

Likewise, we have our own organ-harvesting industry that has been sanctioned here in the US through abortion institutions.

There are numerous testimonies that parallel this surgeon’s unwitting participation, and our government has also been purchasing these unethically sourced organs.

Judicial Watch has received invoices, via FOIA requests, for individual organs sold by abortion outfits to our government institutions.

Organs of any sort or source should never be bought or sold, as it tempts corrupt folks to justify and institutionalize crimes against humanity.

So, regardless of your surface view of abortion as an early general birth control means, the corrupt are pushing unacceptable practices for profit and causing similar experiences as this man’s testimony here in the US.