While the virus itself might affect a few of us, the supply chain affects all of us – just like it has everyday of our lives thus far. So, there is no need to panic because we are all in this together. This too shall pass.


These three elements are going to be the biggest concerns here in the US, so far as I am currently seeing.

Note that imports have now virtually stopped for the time being. This is in part due to the large amounts of products that come from China, but mainly because most of the shipping companies that service the US are Chinese. This is changing.

We have lots of trade with our Latin American allies (with more coming, as indicated in a recent video I posted out of Brasil), including food. For example, a lot of our off season produce has been coming from Latin countries already. Always been that way.

So, we will definitely see shortages in the short-term when it comes to imported products, with some mid-term shortages on specific products.

As these markets are being freed up, they will naturally be met as needs are identified. Natural laws and free markets.


When it comes to reengagement of products out of these areas after the supply chain gets sorted back out, we may see some longer-term shifts. Rice, for example.

Glad China committed to buying rice and soy from the US during trade negotiations. They may need it.


The death ratio here is far, far below that of the standard flu. Given different demographics are being affected differently, I think we are going to generally be ok here in the US.

For example, young folks and blacks are virtually unaffected, while Japanese and Chinese are most affected. Males in particular (strange, but that’s the info I’m seeing).

So, just use common sense. Wash your hands, eat healthy, get some sun and physical activity, etc. Laugh, and don’t let the ‘fear porn’ get to you. Treat others as you want to be treated and keep positive.


Preparedness is part of American cultural tradition. I know Southerners and Alaskans alike regard basic preparedness as an ongoing thing. Its just how you live. No flash hoarding or hostility required.

So, let’s lead by example, and help one another through any hardships and do things the right way – the American way.

Love you guys! #EsseQuamVideri ❤️🙏✌️