Been looking up this HCQ solution, ran into another form of quinine-esque stuff the military had been using which caused major problems, and decided to check out compositions and compare.

Atomic properties of each might explain something.

  • Mefloquine (C17H16F6N2O) contains (F) Fluorine;
  • Hydroxychloroquine or ‘HCQ’ (C18H26ClN3O) contains (Cl) Chlorine;
  • Quinine (C20H24N2O2) doesn’t contain any of the damaging halogens, just C, H, N, & O.

Don’t know why we don’t just try quinine, and make sure folks get an unadulterated or some clean source of Iodine (I).


The only halogen our body needs (as in every cell) is Iodine (I). The others block iodine absorption on a cellular level and causes all sorts of problems. So, here is what I learned over the years about “Iodine” supplements…

Apparently, iodine has been a hard element to nail down by itself and has been formulated over the years in conjunction with other elements – like Potassium (K) and Chlorine (Cl).

  • Potassium Iodide (KI) is the standard supplement, stockpiled by our government. Causes issues as too much K can cause cramps (not good when your heart muscle cramps, lol).
  • Iodine Trichloride (ICl3 or I2Cl6) has been commonly passed off for generations as ‘Nascent’ or ‘Atomic’ Iodine when it is no such thing. It is produced using chlorine gas and has 3 Cl per every single I. Not helpful, lol.

There are actual outfits that now produce Iodine without other elements. The best are suspended in vegetable glycerin, as opposed to alcohol, etc.

The other halogen is Bromine (Br) which our body doesn’t have any use for at all and its everywhere – gasoline, plastics, upholsteries, hot tubs – its even replaced iodides in our leavening agents in bread.  When we get Iodine, our cells dump the other halogens for our bodies to eliminate, which can cause issues. That’s why ‘bromism’ happens and you have to be careful about starting iodine supplementation.

It’s not the iodine that’s the problem – it’s being able to eliminate the other halogens and most of us have such taxed bodies already, it’s hard to do quickly. Learned this the hard way.


For the naturalists and herbalists out there… Wormwood, being natural, can vary and may contain other elements (naturally or unnaturally), which is why caution is always necessary. Same with sea kelp products for Iodine supplementation.


Here’s where good, clean and nutritious foods come in. It’s my general understanding that all the elements we like to praise usually require other stuff to work right. Iodine likes Selenium, potassium likes magnesium (if I remember correctly), etc. And we need fats.

Our body utilizes (and makes) cholesterol to produce hormones (thyroid and otherwise), repair and rebuild our bodies – including our nervous system (like our brains… yeah). Statins are designed to shut off our body’s ability to make the necessary cholesterols for our bodies to heal. Explains a ton.


Big topic, with more factors to it (we are electrical, energetic systems) but this is a good start in explaining what I’ve *personally learned* in surviving (and it seems, beating) Lyme disease.

And perhaps the principles I’ve learned might be helpful on this current virus solution if considered by the right professionals. Standard of care medicine doesn’t address the cause, only manages symptoms and can actually make things much, much worse.

I can’t and won’t make any recommendations to any individual, so don’t ask. I will only describe what I have learned over years for myself, via research and trial and error.