I’m seeing comments surface about Trump being a National Socialist. Not accurate. Here are the facts of the matter…

[More detail in end notes marked by *s]


We have been living under a National Socialist system since [at least] FDR, modeled after the Italian corporatist system. Fact.

Most folks never realized this because they were miseducated in public school and weren’t allowed to learn in-depth about these various systems. It was taboo.

[Taboos are only in place to hide something others don’t want you to see. Also a fact.]


Trump is a Nationalist for sure, and a New Yorker. He is a business man* – not a socialist – and he volunteered to represent this populist movement.

[And he did so at his own expense and peril – just like many other of us patriots. I’m one of them, and I’m now broke, lol.]

How this movement shakes out is up to the people, in their locales. It isn’t up to one man. Hopefully, we are smart enough to avoid a repeat after our last populist nationalist movement.**


Trump has afforded us an opportunity to return to a constitutional representative republic – which is a bottom-up paradigm. Fact.

Anyone who thinks constitutional government is given to us from any top-down system or contrivance doesn’t understand what constitutionalism really means. It does not come from a piece of paper. It comes from you, your family, your neighbors, and your community. Period.

It is a self-governing situation based on relationships and executed at the local level. In a constitutional, representative republic, the state level coordinates among the locales. It does not issue mandates. And the federal level is there only to support and assist when needed. Period.

[The IC\MIC had forgotten this.]

Like for national defense. Trump is doing that. We have asked for deregulation from the corrupt federal level, and he has been steadily accomplishing that, etc. But be careful what you ask for, as the feds – and the state – will oblige your requests like a genie (jinn).


This is the system of government our founders left us, and it is indeed hard to keep in balance (as we have all finally noticed). It takes constant care (husbandry) and vigilance. But we can [and will] do it. One way or another. How is up to us (the people).

We should not be looking to Trump for the solution, but for assistance where needed. And we must be careful what we ask for. The reality is…

If we want a constitutional republic, we are going to have to work for it, bottom-up. It cannot and will not be handed to us from above. So, look around you…

  • Do you know your neighbors?
  • Do you understand the public environment you live in?
  • Can you identify the trouble areas in the local community, and are you willing to work with your neighbors to address those problems?

If so, it is time to get engaged through business and public service.*** If not, maybe you need to find an area that better fits you and your values. A place that values YOU.

We live in a Divinely diverse country, with many peoples, cultures and languages. They are all wonderful, and welcoming – and all American.

[The English dialects are truly different languages. Fact.]

I have visited all but 7 of our states, and I’ve been blessed to have lived in 7. What a beautiful place we get to call ‘Home.’ What makes us a country is a common Spirit, and we are bound as individual states only by our shared principles…

Life, liberty, the understanding of our inherent rights – and our will to mutually protect these principles. All else is contrivance. Illusions that the nefarious will happily indulge if you ask them to.

So, if things aren’t going well where you are right now, don’t blame the pivot man off somewhere in the distance. Roll up your sleeves – or saddle up and find a place you want to work with/within.

*Trump’s familial heritage does not lend bias to the Italian model. That’s a good check-balance given he is from NYC.

**Andrew Jackson was our last genuine national populist – similar heritage, but out of NC. He successfully ended the central bank – the Federal Reserve of the time. The aftermath of his presidency didn’t turn out so great, Civil War and all. But we have better coms and information flow this time. And hopefully more sense.

***Public service may take many forms, and we each have our own skills, talents and focus. The further up and outward your focus, the more hands-off and advisory your local contribution may become. Support roles.

No top-down agendas, folks. Hands-off approach. #EsseQuamVideri