Some points to make regarding the Memo and the DOJ/FBI situation.

  1. The “F” in FISA stands for “Foreign” (not “Federal”), meaning it is a non-public court process established to evaluate requests to surveil FOREIGNERS. So, why has the DOJ and FBI been using the FISA system to gain permission to spy on US citizens? Because it’s SECRET and no private citizen can defend themselves through the use of this system. Blatant violation of our basic, inherent and constitutional rights.  Period.

Example, the “No Fly” list(s).  This passes through the FISA system, and Americans are regularly put on these lists, with no means of inquiring how or why they have been put on them.  We should NEVER be subjected to secret courts, or secret lists.  We should NEVER be confused with foreigners, and should NEVER have our information mixed up with any system (secret or otherwise) with those that our government isn’t required to honor constitutional rights.  This includes the Obama-era Real ID Act, or the newest incarnation (via ‘biometric’ requirements for US citizens) quietly inserted into the new immigration bill, Securing America’s Future Act of 2018 (HR 4760,  The Republicans who presented this bill with these unconstitutional elements should be ashamed.

  1. The Obama DOJ and FBI used paid assets (like Christopher Steele) to frame US citizens as a matter of course. The criminal actions used against Trump (Carter Page, Michael Flynn, et. al.) was a rule and not an exception. So much more WILL come to light, and political prisoners WILL be released.
  2. The media outlets and tech firms (like Google, Facebook, etc.) need to be investigated, and the individuals who colluded and/or were complicit in protecting the criminal acts of our corrupted government agencies should be prosecuted. Period.

As I told my professors while in college 2 decades ago, the US is supposed to have a free and independent press.  I swore I would NOT become a government propagandist, or contribute to the rotten culture being sold to the American people to support a nefarious agenda.

Hence, I have never worked in my field (my tuition became ‘unpaid’ and I was blacklisted), and I have helped or supported many independent media efforts over the years – while promoting integrity in our political process, particularly with the Republican Party.  And at great expense (financial, personal and otherwise).

  1. Americans need to pay attention, and stop dismissing information other Americans bring forth without investigating their validity. The TOP REASON this criminal behavior has gone on as long as it has is because of the ridicule victims and whistleblowers get when coming forward with what they know.

We are ALL responsible on a fundamental level for what our government became, and the egregious activities the criminals have perpetrated on innocent people in the US and abroad.  Good and innocent people have been destroyed all around you.  They have gone to jail and even been murdered because you refuse to look at what is going on.

Remember in high school when the question ‘How did the average German in Nazi Germany not know what was going on?’

Well, now you know.