Here’s my beef with Senator Burr….

It isn’t that he made money on a stock trade with info he got on the job. It’s the fact he made said money at the expense of those he works for – North Carolinians, and Americans at-large.

We’ve watched Burr over the years – and particularly in recent years as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee (the man who stood up and allowed the Mueller farce) – make millions from on-the-job info while North Carolinians have been sold out to foreign interests.

Especially the Chinese. We’ve all seen it, all the way down to the local level. And Lee County folks know it, for sure.

Crooked trade deals (e.g. TPP) drove jobs and innovation to China. Stupid domestic policies made illegal immigration rampant. Back-breaking healthcare and insurance schemes, the list goes on.

And of course, he cheered on legislation that allowed him to make tons of money while voting for all of it.

I don’t know specifically what he can be charged for – as Congress quietly re-exempted themselves for ‘insider trading’ (which is a stupid concept imo anyway) – but he certainly hasn’t been in Washington DC to serve North Carolina.

And neither has Tillis, or the Democrat bunch before these characters. It is time we get to the truth on what our elected officials have been doing in the Swamp. And the DOJ better be prepared to cough it up.

Do your damn jobs, or get prepared to be removed by some very cognizant citizens. #EsseQuamVideri #DTS #KAG2020

[PS: I saw a bunch of this coming and I have zero insider info on swamp workings. I have to do things the hard way, like the rest of the average citizenry.]