Since so many folks have been conditioned to consider only people in ‘white coats’ when it comes to ‘credible information,’ let me put on my white coat.

I’m not a medical expert. I’m a media & communications expert. NYC educated (Pratt Institute) by Disney-employed professors, and further training from DOD and USMC veteran specialists over the past 16 years. I even have an FCC license. And no, I am not military and have never worked for any government entity. I am a civilian.

So, let me lay out some hard facts about my area of specialty…


The corporate ‘news media’ is not there to convey factual information to the public. They haven’t served that primary purpose since at least WWII. As our power structures have changed and morphed over the generations, the corruption in our government and media has brought the industry into full-fledged communist control – especially over the past 20 years. Literally.

They have mainly misled Americans, and covered up crimes. Those who are genuine journalists have been consistently persecuted and even blacklisted from the industry over the years.

What you see on TV and from other legacy sources is not a free and independent press. Fact.

This includes outfits like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, AP, NYT, WSJ, WaPo, McClatchy (which owns the News & Observer, Charlotte Observer and many other print outfits). FoxNews isn’t exempt from propaganda either.

There is currently a covert conflict going on and includes psychological warfare techniques which are being deployed by what Americans thought were trustworthy sources of information.


While I have my own ideas of what is true or false regarding the medical information right now, I am not perpetuating it as fact without proof. And neither should any of us.

What we can and should be doing is observing what’s actually happening around us, using common sense and good general practices, and taking care of ourselves and loved ones using our own good judgment.

Not telling others what to do, not shutting down livelihoods and certainly not putting law enforcement (LE) in the middle of a political shit show. Our LEOs have better things to do, like serving and protecting the communities they live in, and enforcing legitimate law – not the illegal mandates and whims of power hungry authoritarians – party affiliation irrelevant.

As a community, we need to be cooperatively communicating (comparing notes) and figuring out what needs to be done to help one another while keeping our economy and supply chain from coming to a stand-still.

We should not be spreading the fear being pushed in the media or by a handful of tyrants. That is counter-productive and compromises immune function.

As the Coast Guard Search and Rescue Specialists would say – take all threats and situations seriously. That includes caution and vigilance when it comes to this virus situation. Protect our vulnerable populations using good practices, while keeping our communications productive, our communities intact, and our economies moving.

Good way of putting it…

  • Locally executed
  • State coordinated
  • Federally supported

No mandates required.

Americans are much smarter than what we are being told by the media and politicians. Fact.

So, stop believing everything you hear, search for the facts and productive recommendations from real sources (not fake media or melodramatic political front men – including sensationalist ‘Health Directors’) and stop trying to control others by putting our LE in stupid situations.

Let’s do this the American way instead. Encourage and comfort one another, and let’s get to the bottom – and the other side – of this together. As a free people.

#EsseQuamVideri ❤️🙏✌️

[NC State Motto: To Be, Rather Than To Seem]