Yesterday’s VCDL Lobby Day success is something I was thrilled to witness. I literally sobbed tears of absolute joy on the drive back home to North Carolina.

Many of you don’t know that my involvement in politics actually started in Richmond, Virginia back in 2002.

[Yes, I am older than I look, apparently.]

I was determined to attend January 20th as politics started for me in Richmond – so, it might as well end there for me if something nefarious went down.

Obviously, it didn’t come to that, but the corrupt narratives out there being propelled by the #FakeNews media would prefer you believe it was a powder keg waiting to explode.

Well… it wasn’t anything of the sort. It was a beautiful day, with Americans of every background imaginable, using their First to protect their Second.

With lots, and lots… and lots… of guns and ammo.


After living through the events of 911 in NYC, I decided to heed what my grandfather said about civic duty and all, and make sure nothing like that ever happen here again.

So, after moving to Richmond late 2001, I found myself joining the Republican Party in 2002.

I was a co-founder of the Greater Richmond Young Republicans (GRYR) along with Chris Doss, and two others of note (one now a political science professor at VUU).

[Some names purposely omitted until/unless I get permission.]

The premise of our effort was to get a diverse cross-section of young Republicans involved in the political process, and to show what the ‘Big Tent’ GOP actually looks like.

We also wanted to prove that an organization with integrity of process under republican principles was possible with such a crowd, and share our common values using new communications – like the internet.

We had a small starting group by the end of the first year which represented about every race, color and creed in the city – black, white, hispanic, asian… straight, gay, and bi… Christian and non-Christian.

We all represented the spectrum of Republican perspective, from neo-conservative (mainly those who were unliked by the establishment in Richmond for some reason or another) to libertarian-leaning liberty folks.

[Focus: Diversity, process integrity, communications.]

More on my political past another time, but this bit of background is necessary to understand the story I’m about to tell on the history of violent protests by paid assets in Richmond, VA specifically.


Flashback to 2004, I believe…

Professional protesters had planned an anti-war march during the day, to be followed up with a protest at Monroe Park that evening against an increase in VCU tuition. A ‘two-fer’ (two events for the price of one).

While the WMD narrative of the Iraq War (Gulf War II) had started to unravel, my continued support for the war was under the premise that ‘we’ didn’t finish what ‘we’ started under Bush I.

And after learning about the corruption of the UN Food for Oil program (managed then by the French), I saw this Bush II action as still a good idea. Finish what you start… right?

Anyway, I felt it was important to counter protest to remind folks that regardless of what you think about the Iraq war (or what further corruption shakes out later), we need to make sure that our military service members and veterans were treated with respect – in keeping with the sentiments during and after Gulf War I under Bush I.

[‘Voices that Care,’ yellow ribbons on trees, etc. for those of us old enough to remember.]

So, three of us from the newly formed GRYR showed up at the start point of the planned protest, and we were joined by another nice lady, who independently had the same idea (wish I could remember her name!).


It all started with four people with handwritten signs and a flag…

A black man, hispanic man (originally from NYC), and two white women. Southern Baptist, two non-Christians and a Tridentine Catholic, respectively. Age range from early 20s to 50s.

We stayed in one spot and waited for the city-licensed protesters to get moving along their march route, and after a respectful distance was achieved, the four of us started walking along the same route.

We walked, we carried our signs and flag, sang patriotic songs, and occasionally responded to the jerks ahead of us by chanting ‘USA, USA…’ That was it.

As we passed the houses on the route, residents started coming out of their homes to join us, some grabbing their flags from their flag poles outside and singing.

By the end of the route, we well out numbered the planned, paid protesters – who had complained to law enforcement about us not having a permit.


Law enforcement did not ask us to leave because… the first amendment, our march was organic (not planned), and we weren’t engaging the protesters. We were just singing. Besides, 98% of the folks who joined us lived on that street, lol.

It was also explained to us that the law enforcement present were actually very appreciative of the surprise, peaceful response to the regular trouble-makers.

They were foul-mouthed, obnoxious leftists that regularly gave law enforcement problems, and here they were again, screwing up their ability to enjoy the holiday with their families.

We were asked one thing by law enforcement – that when they said it was time to disperse, we do so. And we did. They didn’t even have to tell us twice.

As law enforcement prepared their usual riot gear and gas, we thanked them and disappeared into the night as quietly as we came.

[If memory serves, us GRYR folks went out to a Cuban restaurant in the Fan afterwards. The latin owner complained about the leftists always ruining business in the area and costing locals money having to clean up and repair their consistent mess.]


There was plenty of news outlets covering the entire situation, however… what made it to the news was the anti-war and tuition message, and the plotted riot and vandalism that ensued once they engaged with law enforcement.

This included the trashing of an Army National Guard recruitment office.

Nothing about the peaceful counter march by Richmond’s conscientious and patriotic residents. Nada.


Lovers of liberty, especially.

Despite what the corrupt say, and what the media doesn’t say… Virginians are some of the most staunch Patriots I’ve met, and they not only need our support, they have certainly earned it.

And to Governor Blackface and fellow traitors… #SicSemperTyrannis.