I agree with Trump’s decision to cancel daily briefings and here is why…


We have a weaponized corporate media conglomerate which is actively producing and disseminating malicious information that poses a tangible and quantifiable danger to the lives of Americans.

Not only is the misinformation on the health front perpetuating the destruction of our supply chain, and other life-sustaining infrastructures that citizens rely upon to maintain necessary standards of living, they are also transmitting targeted malicious and suggestive messaging to citizens which can (and will) influence individuals to take specific actions that may maim and kill themselves or others.

It would not just be unethical but a failure of duty for the President to continue to supply the perpetrators within the corporate media conglomerate ammunition via these press briefings for the production of such identifiable weapons of misinformation against the American people.

While I don’t have a specific remedy on how to address the criminal nature of this problem, or how to properly pursue justice for these crimes, the federal level surely should. I will be watching and waiting. #EsseQuamVideri